torsdag 16. oktober 2014

16102014 - Argent "Circus"

Argent is one of many bands where I'm familiar with a few songs here and there - some mainly through cover versions - but the full albums are mostly unchartered territory for me. This was their sixth album, released in 1975, and the first without Russ Ballard. In other words an odd place to start I guess, but the cover got me. The vocalist here is John Verity who would go on to record an album with a band called Phoenix about 20 years before the French band of the same name. So, this album… It ain't bad, but I would call it pleasant rather than interesting. Some of the stuff reminds slightly of Pink Floyd, other songs have a Supertramp vibe to them, there's even some Queen. Musically I would call this soft prog rock, with emphasis on the "soft" bit. That's about it.

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