onsdag 15. oktober 2014

15102014 - Jim Stapley "Long Time Coming"

Got a tip about this album, the debut by English newcomer Jim Stapley, a fellow who claims to be inspired by both James Taylor, Free and Led Zeppelin, and who would definitely not sound out of place on a bill with, say, Rival Sons. However, there's a lot more to "Long Time Coming" than the blues swagger of the 'Sons, something a song like "My Own Worst Enemy" is a good example of, with its majestic strings and gooseflesh-incucing arrangement. And Stapley's voice is really impressive, capable of raunchy bar blooze as well as soulful escapades that border on gospel, as it would sound in the hands of The Raconteurs or latter day Bruce Springsteen. This album, produced by Tony Visconti, no less, has the light and shade, the stripped bare tunes and the songs all dressed up for the ball. All over the place there's small details - an organ here or some tasteful choir harmonies there - that don't force themselves upon you, but merely play with you and let you come to them. Like the way "Grey Matter" builds almost unnoticeably and reaches a haunting climax where the background vocals (that were there long before you noticed them) almost start dueling! This thing has "Newcomer Album of the Year"-candidate written all over it in sky high letters!

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