lørdag 11. oktober 2014

11102014 - Jackson Browne "Standing in the Breach"

I have listened far too little to Jackson Browne. There's this song I know and that album I have heard here and there, but I wouldn't really call myself familiar with him as an artist. So a new album is a good opportunity to start righting that wrong. And what you get is relatively predictable, which is a good thing as long as the predictable bit is the bit where Browne writes great songs. And that's 10 for 10 on this album that I guess doesn't show him as a more mature songwriter than ever, because when was Jackson Browne ever an immature songwriter? Yes, musically it's about as abrasive as an afternoon by the pool, but his lyrics have plenty of edge as he tackles various issues, including gun control, rigged elections and environmental concerns, not too impressed by the state of affairs in general today. At 65 he's still both an excellent singer and songwriter, and well deserving of your attention!

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