torsdag 23. oktober 2014

23102014 - Mark Lanegan Band "Phantom Radio"

Remember when Mark Lanegan sang in Screaming Trees? Seems such a long time ago now, doesn't it?  These days most people think of him as the dark crooner with a troubled soul, not least thanks to the three breathtakingly wonderful albums with him as the Lee to Isobel Campbell's Nancy, as well as the Gutter Twins, Soulsavers, collaborations with Earth, Queens of the Stone Age and more plus several solo albums. He keeps himself busy, our Mark. On this album his voice is as broodingly brilliant as ever, but the tunes are not restricted to downtempo balladry, as they touch upon both gothic pop and various shades of electronica - or rather synth - as well as hints of trip-hop and kraut rock. And he manages to do all this, to find common ground between these genres and merge them through the vessel that is his voice, because he has that flair for knowing what works and the authority that comes with a voice like his. You will love this album, I know I do! Mark my words...

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