lørdag 25. oktober 2014

25102014 - Fredrik William Olsen "Til Stede"

I get extremely annoyed the second this guy starts singing, which happens to be the same moment I discover what band he's from, a band I do not love at all. Also, there's the fact that he's too young to be taken seriously singing about what he does. What, oooh my feelings, oooh? Screw that! But wait, what's this? Why is he making me listen? Aw, c'mon! Is there really something here that could make this worth listening to? Oh, is he not trying to sound older and wiser than his age and experience? Is this actually… No… Charming? Good? Wait, we're still only on the fourth song, he's gonna fuck it up. (…) I have taken a pause, and by the second last song I'm still listening. Like a big brother would listen, or like I don't know what… It's still a bit too poetic for my instant liking, but at the same time I am positively not hating anymore. I'm guessing that by the next album I will dig this guy, and I promise that I will stay along for the ride!

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